A gift from Nothing

Thank you for purchasing Phone (1) from our partner Belsimpel.

We hope that you’re enjoying it so far. 

If purchased between 23 Jan 2023 and 14 Feb 2023, we have a special gift. 

Beautifully balanced sound in feather-light form. Here’s how to redeem your free Ear (stick). A perfect match for Phone (1).


How to redeem

Once you have passed the 30-day cancellation period for your Phone (1), you are eligible to claim your Ear (stick). Here’s what to do next:

1.Create an account on if you haven’t already and sign in.
2.Enter your Phone (1) IMEI number for verification.
3.Once your IMEI number is verified, you can upload your proof of purchase to receive your discount code.
4.Enter the code at checkout when you buy Ear (stick).

1 discount per device.


Congratulations! Your IMEI number and proof of purchase has been approved.  

Here’s your discount code. Just enter it at checkout when you buy Ear (stick).

Enter at checkout when you buy Ear (stick) to redeem. SHOP NOW
Frequently Asked Questions

For Phone (1), head to Settings>About phone.

Once your IMEI has been confirmed, a code will appear on the screen on the Nothing website. Copy this code and enter it at checkout when making your Ear (stick) order.

Your code is valid until 31 March.

One per device. So if you have multiple devices, you will have the same amount in discount codes.

No the promotion only available when Phone (1) is purchased with Belsimpel. 

30 days from the day you purchase your Phone (1).

Phone (1) 8 + 256 black.