phone ( 1 )

Introducing Phone (1).

Pure Instinct.

Less distractions. More soul.
Just pure instinct, formed as a machine. Told through beautiful symbols. Deeper interactions. And brave simplicity.
Phone (1) can bring us back. To us.



Design that goes beyond the surface. Dual-side Gorilla® Glass gives toughness. Advanced vibration motors make touch responses life-like. The symmetrical bezels and aluminium frame adds elegance, lightness and durability.



1 billion colours. Every hue, powerfully true-to-life. 6.55” OLED display. HDR10+. Richer colour and deeper contrasts, tuned to each scene. Adaptive 120Hz refresh rate for irresistibly responsive interactions, while being reassuringly power-efficient.



Made with 100% recycled aluminium. Leading the industry with over 50% of the plastic components coming from bio-based and recycled sources. Recycled fibre packaging. And the unfailing determination to shrink tech’s environmental impact.


  1. The weight of Phone (1) is 193.5g, and the weight of the screen protector may add an additional 3g. The size and weight of the phone may vary according to configuration, manufacturing process and measurement method.
  2. Due to space taken up by the system file (including Android system and pre-installed apps), the available memory capacity is less than this value. Storage capacity varies based on software versions, and may vary from device to device.
  3. Photo and video pixels of different camera and shooting modes may vary according to the specific situation.
  4. The typical battery capacity is 4,500mAh and actual performance may vary. The battery is not removable.
  5. All product pictures and content are for illustrative purposes only. The actual results (including but not limited to appearance, colour and size) and the screen display content (including but not limited to background, UI, and picture) may vary.
  6. Figures provided are theoretical, obtained under a controlled test environment and provided by the supplier or the Nothing laboratory. Actual performance may vary due to individual product differences, software versions, use conditions and environmental factors.
  7. Due to the real-time changes in product batches and supply factors, in order to provide accurate information on product information, specifications, and product characteristics, Nothing may adjust and revise the text descriptions, picture effects, and other content on the above pages in real time to match the reality of the product performance, specifications, index, parts and other information; in the event that page modifications and adjustments are necessary, no special notice will be given.